Look at How Small Businesses are Employing Social Media


Look at How Small Businesses are Employing Social Media It wasn’t that long ago that small business considered social media nothing more than a time-sucking distraction; something to keep the employees from whiling away their days upon. Not any longer. Now you’d give your brother’s 401k for someone social media […] Read more »

How to Manage your Local Business Listings


How to Manage your Local Business Listings Managing your local business listings can be a headache if you don’t have a plan. There are lots of moving parts, and even a fairly small error can result in problems that can cost you in a rather expensive way. In some ways […] Read more »

You Need Online Marketing as your Potential Clients are Looking for Lawyers Online in all of the Stages of their Search Process


Your law firm might have a solid reputation and may receive good word-of-mouth recommendations, but are you visible on the Internet? Most of your leads are no longer consulting the yellow pages or print directories when they need a lawyer, but instead, are using search engines, online directories, law firm […] Read more »

How to make your Site Google-Friendly

google friendly

See these 5 Tips for More Google Love While a lot of people think content marketing to be the darling of the search engines at present, there is another aspect to ranking your pages well, and that lies on the technical side. Google loves to reward pages that are technically […] Read more »