Professional Website Design For Contractors

Acquire New Clients, Lower Expenses and Increase Profits!

It’s a simple fact, people prefer to do business with people they know and trust. This is especially true for people who are looking for a home improvement contractor because people often don’t feel comfortable speaking to sales people.

The good news is… there’s a cost effective, virtually effortless way that allows your prospective clients to get to know better and comfortable enough to call you.


How do you build that trust?

Well, If you have a contractor website your prospects can privately “get to know you” before they call for an appointment. A website provides a perfect “hassle-free” way for your prospects to find out about your ideas, services and firm in a very private way. It’s as if they could come into your office unseen, observe your work and activity just to “check you out” before actually contacting you.

  • A contractor website is extremely well-suited for selling home improvement services because it’s interactive AND private. Unlike the phone, a website with the right content allows visitors to learn more about you without having to talk to another person.
  • The proven fact is that it’s MUCH EASIER to get homeowners to visit your website than it is to get them to call you.
  • And this is why it’s vitally important to have a website that represents your firm well.

Let’s say you send out direct mailing letters or have an ad in the Yellow Pages. In there, you prominently display your Internet website address. Since it is SO much easier to log onto a website than to CALL you, a lot of business owners will do just that.

Make it easy for homeowners to do business with you.

Because it is so EASY, CONVENIENT and PRIVATE to visit a website, your ad or letter gets a MUCH higher response, quickly proven with your website visitor statistics. In other words – if you didn’t HAVE that website, they would be LOST to you – they’d simply never contact you at all.

Remove the #1 barrier prospects face on their way to becoming your client!

With high-interest content, your website significantly increases the interest of your web visitors. From mere curiosity to ready-to-buy simply by way of giving FREE INFORMATION in a specific way.

The fact of the matter is that your website will “graduate” many of these homeowners onto a sufficient level of trust for them to CONTACT you.

Had it not been for your website, they never would have done so.

Your contractor website is like having a salesman 24 hours a day 365 days a year at virtually no cost.

Let’s face it, selling home improvement services is extremely expensive. It also normally requires a full-time professional salesperson, direct mailings, telemarketing, networking, yellow page and newspaper ads.

Acquiring new clients with your website is almost FREE. And you don’t need to spend as many hours prospecting and selling because your website is constantly finding new prospects and delivering the right presentation to build trust and goodwill. It makes selling your services a lot easier and less expensive.